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by | Feb 26, 2015

The photo retouch combines a very wide range of processes in post-production. A simple retouch can take 30 minutes per photo, and a more demanding and thorough one even 2 hrs per photo. Read below to learn about the gradation of possibilities in graphic post-production.


Post-production of the photos made during the session, included in the price of the photographic service is called the DRI process. It is based on adjusting the tonal range of the photo (dynamic range increase). Besides the correction of the color, contrast, and framing we recover details of the photo from previously too light or too dark parts of the photo. We also correct the tone of skin, so it is adequate to the tone of the rest of photographed group (if there are multiple models in one photo), we eliminate simple distractive elements from the surroundings or the attire.

It also happens that photographing i.e. 15 people in one shooting day, part of the group appears with more “yellowish” and part with more “pinkish” tone of the skin. Part of the DRI process is to even the colors, to make the group appear with integrity. A huge role in this process is played by the correctly made makeup and the correction of color in post-production evens and fulfills the whole project, creating cohesive aesthetics of the final production.


  • the skin of photographed models appears “problematic” and require more work in post-production,
  • we are expected to “iron” the clothes in post-production
  • the models wish to appear slimmer and younger than in reality

then we implement the additional post-production in a form of a PRO retouch. More below:


These are the time-consuming procedures, such as:

  • making the skin look younger
  • change in proportion and size of the body
  • rendering of the background
  • ironing of clothes
  • complicated separations from the background

The above and other procedures of the PRO retouch elements are processed for an additional fee by our retouch specialist.
The pricing for PRO retouch is made based on specified photographs.

retusz PROretusz gradacja

Antoni Łoskot

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