PwC New Partners 2021

The global consulting firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) hires us each time to produce a cyclic photoshoot called New Partners, which is a group...

Sessions for business

Besides hard-earned relaxation in July and August 2021, we managed to produce 15 photoshoots in total! Below few referential examples from...

fotografia biznesowa

Just before vacation

The beginning of July is a time of projects mixed with post-production! Before the main leave which was planned for August, we need to conclude...

KnowHow Leasing

One of the photographic projects from June 2021 was an assignment for KnowHow Leasing, a company that outsources knowledge and people from...

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Professional fetish

Dears! This box of tea was valid until 1995, so 26 years ago! Why do I keep it all that time? Somewhere around mid-high school, I decided to make...

Spring photoshoots

Below are two examples of two different photoshoots for business clients produced during the spring of 2021. The first is an Executive Club...

fotografia biznesowa

Light “behind the back”

Based on these few business photos below, take notice, of how important is the light behind the model's back. Big glass facades, entrance lobby,...

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The end of winter?

We produce business photos for companies' presidents, directors, managers, ministers, spokespeople, startup entrepreneurs, communication...

zdjęcia biznesowe

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